Trumpet’s Many Tongues # 9
—after Distant Land – Donald Byrd

The promise of arrival
or the episteme
regarding arrival,
the epitome of the human
declaration of want,
paralleled bodies interacting
with voice and body voice. Where
the roaming ensue, the act of
this ambulation first transpires
within the mind’s ability to
cooperate with various manmade
paths. The philosophy of want
transfers cognitive distance
into the beckoning by words,
spelled across spaces of coherent,
reverberating acceptance.

© Felino Soriano

Self, in the Many Things

The behavior opened its ribcage. There
The fungus of absolute decease
Seeped into the breathing of cleaner
Inhalation, more alive
Than that of the overboard thrown
Of historically ranting oxygen. He had
Battered himself into the silliness of
Delirium, branding a life surreal
Without the positive influences gathered
By studying a movement of time. Time
Closes its rigid hand
When the body closes bountiful wants,
The wants of the memory
With a yen for re-advertisement.
Opening into the world, a flower unnamed until
Scent and the tongue of the moment
Ascertains its body, breathing, clearly
Into night, swaying a clever mood as
Wind directs tolerance, the algebra of
Bend. Falling, always falling
A leaf cries unheard inside the crispy
Voice of its equal skeleton. The brown
Of it, the tainted orange no longer mimicking
A fistful of sun, and then the death of it now
Zoomed inward on ground, an unappreciated bed
Of bladed embraces. Visitation prior to the land
From past pretenses, never imagined
Their body needing end or attempting
The volition of expanse.
The violation turned upside down, a vase of
Individualized bouquet
Treated in the fashion of segregation: hand
Away from the popping heart,
A song developed into poisonous fumes.
A trophy sits atop dusty shelves, its body a plague
Of documented salvation; the want to no longer want
Designates sewing a hem on regulated thought.
Mastery of al fresco thoughts living atop
The facial features, the mind cannot hold
The myriad hands of bodies
Whose blended spines and aforementioned
Thoughts constantly race toward the ended past.

Contemporary muses, a tree and stone,
Dragonfly and passersby. The bodies
Holding disposition cracks at the force
Of theoretical differences. The foundation
Finds foe in paradoxical beautiful past. Why
The face shows the tiredness of callused
Feet, the explanation of pseudo smiles
Finds immediate end to emotional sameness.
Under intrude, examination into self's face
Displays shadows of fingers, the imprints
Of complete dissatisfaction. Scrutiny, self
In obligated nature, the telling of the mirror
Explicates abundant echoes rounding the expanded
Corners of the illegality of leaving.
Puddles everywhere. Landing center
Within one, the luck of absolute middle
Denies the wishing of expected self
Manipulation, ability to swim ashore. Puppet
Of solitude, hiding within a dresser drawer,
The bending of limbs with absence of use
Recollects the closed books leaning
Diamond clean within the fortress of
Imagination's maze. A carousel of eyes
Looking into the sole pair of the barely
Alive. Depth is subjective, an esoteric
Display of language-controls, controlling
The mind into ascertaining level, intellect.
Body resides across a horizon of complicated,
Invisible angles, it hovers to attract light
Of sympathetic glances. The hands of
Day shape origami interpretations meant
To decipher reality out of the many
Facsimiles walking the earth's handmade
Mall structures. We find music in flapping wings,
In gaited walks, reverberation of death
Haunting sleep's restless attempts to
Awaken safely. The piano morphs from
Recognized ability
Into a pond full of lily pads, the splashing
Thump of hoarse-skinned toads
Remain as fingers in tune with the rising
Of ripples dedicated to dissipation. A howl
Identifies with unique vernacular, the
Comical display of laughter entrenched
With thorough inclining toward authentic

The philosophy of voice: tone escaping
Tongue, emerging past the moist
Haven of lips, having dual ability:
Transgression, aid. The angular
Ability to wrap an embrace of wool
-thick words around the unsuspecting,
Provides proof of coherent, camouflaged
Desires. The wakened reality draws myriad
Sketches of verbatim traces across
The air, dangling in coax. The authentic
Match of body and shadow, this conjoined
Abbreviation for existence
Travels and molds, fashioning
A history of name, whispering the body
Whole into a space of enveloping

© Felino Soriano

Thing or its Plural, Fathom the Possibilities

The silence of things a language
all encompassing:

body of mastered work mastering manmade mazes.

The thing is a philosophy. Explained in color or (or is squared manifold)
Some posit how dare? and reinvented

only depict skeletons drying further beneath
truth (think honest attempts at honesty).

The language of things is a theory.

Predict a salmon’s cursive swim
deep enough to shun the bear’s
serial swipes. Not all

is possible; failure plants its many family
trees into a soil of regret. Recall braiding

tongues conversing in bitter versions
the mouth releases
stubborn syllables
wield knives

or joust with dispositional argumentation.

Call something a thing with wings. This promoted
verbal praise
takes into a self
many affluent
verbs, writing a
thing of specialized intent.

The thing smiles. Human, no. The thing
here is an effort into more
not less
ritualistic tattoos
combing the aging skin of self

© Felino Soriano


proclamations the beautified language
of comprehension posits layered linguistic

from soil
cast up crawling toward sky’s holding
regard, flowers’ cupping smile for
the needing with wings.

Wind awakes
the already wilted,
the silenced by constant sliced
urchins, the with
-thorns spe
whose contemplation of existence
is within interrogation of sane
anomaly, the impossible
to recognize if the imagination
ceases to cross
formations of
the typical solution.

© Felino Soriano


Geography says salt
earth’s unearthed
blandness, and the yet to become.
The reaching science, someone’s
science named within a fiber’s
minute globe,
yet the screaming attributes
are deafening ants somewhere
as a flower in a bowl of egg drop
soup decorates its foggy skeleton.

© Felino Soriano

Decoding what the Mind Underlines

The return of the question
I threw at its quasi first answer
returned with attached wetness,
catastrophe with momentum
swaying in between meaning
and misunderstanding.

© Felino Soriano

What is Heard When Alone Becomes Psychotropic

You mirror me,
applying your body to naked
solitude, creating an unclothed map
of skeleton-bare paths
into evaporating dust, lovingly raising a
morning time garden into burgeoning


symptom of writing myself
to you, and
you read with intent
because the narcissist acclimates quickly.
You change in reflectional plans,
suddenly a wave closing its
curved mouth, smiling
as it flattens into a language
of whispering gossip. Talk
to me at the edge of our sleeping,
as we leap back into our
voices’ mirror,
and here, the new here, one of
actual place and promise
discard the past body
called bruised and laughable.

Hear me
through the hollow
day’s pipe I planted to reach you,
my lips pressed in
tightly against my message
of needing a follower,
even if wait is the water
I must shower over my
needy disposition.

© Felino Soriano


Say oxygen morphs into a tangible solid.
Now, sing it. Relate to the change,
manifestation of causational routine
blaster. Bathe with its newest


attaching hand to intelligence

you know writes
of matter: a contagious





to walk where the hand spins a cyclic vase into in: to.
Marry what existence

can become. A fly noticing the vastness of a wall;
a train trekking toward families of stations.

Notice notices, not symbolism, cliché
is the backside whipped for talking
too easily about its own
mortality. Listen

here here here:
music: dance: running:

all anecdotes of body-stories
evaporate into muscle atrophy
when use is useless,

indigenous to infectious dormancy.

© Felino Soriano