Born in California in 1974, I've maintained my existence in a small, but burgeoning city. Unfortunately, the directional burgeon is not towards the position of poetry: the necessity, the particular reflectional understanding that I relate to readily. The poems you read here represent altered style, content, and atmospheric structure within my mind. Philosophy has provided me with these necessary evolutionary changes. Writing has encompassed my life since 2000. The first poem accepted for publication was in 2001; I subsequently did not submit other poems until 2004, and had one accepted. I then reevaluated my writing and motivation. I began submitting poems again in 2006, and still am currently. Philosophy became an enveloping entity vis-à-vis my poetry circa late 2006. I believe philosophy’s vast history and rich language enhances the mind’s ability to articulate and think critically. Jazz, in my opinion, is the musical form of prosody. Its vernacular represents complexity in a cohesive, yet unique singularity. The internal collocation of philosophy and jazz has molded an inspirational thought process that coincides within an abstract appearance, positing my poetic inspiration, —or, its concrete, conceptual base.

I have over 1,000 poems published/forthcoming in several online and print journals since 2006, as well as 15 collections of poetry since January, 2008. Many of my writings can be found in the links presented on this site.

Thank you to all that have taken the time to visit.

Felino A. Soriano